Art Studio


To view a large selection of Jeanette’s paintings, visit the Art Gallery. You can purchase paintings and prints from Jeanette’s Native American series at If you are interested in purchasing other paintings on this website, contact Jeanette.

The Art-Studio focuses on creating and exhibiting paintings that express the beauty, mystery and spirit in the world that still exist around us. In these times of chaos, (human and electronic) Jeanette Sacco-Belli feels it is vital for spiritual and cultural survival to quiet the mind and body which keeps us in touch with nature, of which we are a part. The human race has the power to protect the earth and all its creatures. The many gifts of the earth’s resources that keep us all alive will not last forever if we do not respect and treasure them. As long as greed and power continue to fog our vision, there will be little left for future generations. It is the hope of this studio and artist to help re-awaken the human heart to its highest vibration, perhaps slow down for a moment, and connect with the reality of oneness.

Jeanette is a San Francisco Bay Area Artist. Her passion for painting began at an early age earning her several awards in watercolor and acrylic. As a self-taught painter, she studied through experimentation and by reading many books on different painting techniques. Her love of nature’s beauty is her major motivation.

Jeanette also finds great pleasure in studying many artists and finds inspiration in the paintings and illustrations of her favorite ones such as Michael David Ward, Michael Parkes, Josephine Wall, Robert Lyn Nelson, Jody Bergsma, Maxfeild Parrish, and Amy Brown. Jeanette paints in a variety of styles and subjects including realism, fantasy and spirituality. She enjoys the freedom of creativity and the variations that often come with it from painting to painting. Commissioned works also vary in subject matter encompassing seascapes, dreamy landscapes and intimate portraits. Her paintings usually incorporate a variety of medium and tools within each work, for example: the textures of trees and rocks are palette knifed with modeling paste, fine portraits in alla prima or layers of glazes, gel mediums add light and translucency to sky and water.

Sacco’s paintings in the fantasy and mystic genres express images from dreams or meditations. Tranquility and peacefulness are subjects she wishes to dwell upon and capture in her paintings. Jeanette has a deep respect for all life and believes we are completely interconnected. Animals, plants, rocks, and all the elements are but one, we are all made of the same things and how we treat all of life has an immediate effect on our own.

Ms. Sacco-Belli is a member of the WCA / FACED (Women’s Caucus for Art /Feminist Art Caucus for Educational Diversity).