Special Thanks

I am deeply grateful to Morgan Mallory Menchaca for the beautifully artistic designing of my web-site. If you are in need of someone to build a site, I cannot recommend anyone more highly. Morgan really knows how to capture the essence of someone and their work with sensitivity and professionalism! You can reach her via email at morgan.menchaca@gmail.com.

Another huge thank you to Bruce Gibson Holcomb for taking such lovely photographs of paintings that truly capture how they look in real life. Bruce does Fine Art, Publicity, Glamor, Portrait, Physique and Portfolios. You may reach him at: (650) 952-8470, or at visit his studio at 154 W 25th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403.

Thank you to Jerry Fretwell Fretwell Flutes for making my beautiful American Indian ceder flutes. Playing the flute feels like a gift, it is a joy which I cannot clearly express with words, as it is truly Spiritual in nature. It is a connection to the Great Spirit which can only be felt through direct experience. Playing the flute repeatedly brings to light the ancient awareness of our Unity with all life. You may reach him at (417) 535-6032.