The Great Spirit Says

Jeanette was recently featured on Two Moons Talking Radio discussing her book, The Great Spirit Says! Listen to the interview at

Purchase The Great Spirit Says at Balboa Press!The Great Spirit Says: A Rainbow Warrior’s Journey is a spiritual and detailed account of a personal shamanic journey to the universal mind. Drawing upon her life-changing out-of-body experience, author Jeanette Sacco-Belli shares how, through connecting to the eternal spiritual realm, we become free from the fear of death and the unknown, and can experience an elevated state of pure ecstasy and joy. She conveys how the power of the mind, when unconfined by time or space, has the ability to connect to the voice of unity. This oneness contains the ancient knowledge of our existence. When we allow the silence of nature and its wisdom to heal us, we become connected to our highest self, elevating personal growth and human  evolution.

Separateness is only an illusion. When we hear from our inner ears and see with our inner eyes we are then awake, and know that there is only one universal voice, one God, one mind, one spirit.

You can purchase The Great Spirit Says at Balboa Press (877 407-4847 x 5032 ). The most recent (corrected) version of the book includes 8 full-page color images of Jeanette’s artwork.

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WARNING: Do not purchase the book in, as they are selling a fake black-and-white photocopied version of the book at full-price.