Read testimonials from Jeanette’s current and former students, ranging from professional vocal performers to casual singers, and everything in-between. Some of Jeanette’s students now study voice at the graduate level. You can also listen to some of Jeanette’s students sing in pop, classical, and musical theater styles. Learn about Jeanette’s impact on these students’ vocal development – and their lives as well.

Shawna Ferris
Cast Member, Beach Blanket Babylon
Watch Shawna perform as Snow White at Google

Shawna Ferris“I started studying voice with Jeanette when I was 7 years old. I feel so lucky that she was my first teacher. She is impressively knowledgeable of vocal mechanics and healthy singing. As a young girl who desperately wanted to be in musicals, there was a lot of pressure to “belt” and push your voice in order to get cast in shows. Jeanette wisely directed me away from this detrimental path and it paid off! She takes the time to learn your voice and tell you where you should be singing. She gives you the tools to expand your voice and grow, but also how to keep your voice healthy. Studying with Jeanette was how I learned to “mix”, giving me so much flexibility in what I can sing. These technical tools of singing are why I have been able to perform professionally for a decade now. They are why I can do a show up to 9 times a week that requires me to use every aspect of my voice from the very highest down to the lowest. No matter who you are or what style you sing, Jeanette is a wonderful asset to have. It’s those basic vocal mechanics that are needed for the foundation of good singing. I still use her warm-ups before my shows to make sure I keep in mind everything I learned from her. I do this because I want to continue to have a healthy voice that can hold up to a very challenging role and show schedule. On top of it all she is always patient, caring and easy to talk to! Thanks so much Jeanette!”

Matthew Petromilli
Musical Theater Student, The Boston Conservatory
Watch Matt sing “The Lady Must Be Mad” from Illyria at The Boston Conservatory

Matthew Petromilli“I was fortunate enough to find Sacco Belli Voice Studio and Jeanette at the age of 11, and studied with her until I left for college at 18. Although many younger singers, myself included, want to dive right in and tackle big Broadway belt songs, Jeanette knows bett er. Jeanette certainly embraces and does a terrific job of teaching in the contemporary style, but she cares about the long term success and vocal health of her students, and for that reason she won’t let a student run until they learn to walk so to speak. As a senior in the Musical Theatre program at The Boston Conservatory, I am grateful beyond words that I started my training with Jeanette in a classical Bel Canto method, which has enabled me to sing any stye with ease and in healthy fashion. I tend to lean more towards Contemporary/Pop/Rock, and the feedback I frequently receive is that even when belting, which Jeanette taught me is simply about placement and breath control, I’m able to maintain a musical quality, whereas often times such singing runs the risk of coming off as a wall of sound or noise. I graduate in May, and will move to NYC knowing that I have a strong, versatile, and above all else, healthy instrument that I can perform eight shows a week with, all thanks to Jeanette.”

Carly Cozad
Musical Theater Student, Northwestern University
Watch Carly sing “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen

Carly-Cozad“I studied with Jeanette for middle school and high school, and she greatly helped shape my musical theatre endeavors at Northwestern University. I am in the musical theatre program there, participate in many productions at the school, and sing in an a cappella group, and I would not have been able to pursue these to the best of my ability without her classical training. Though I primarily do more contemporary musical theatre and belting work in my current study, I would not have been able to do this type of work effectively and healthily without her classical soprano foundation. She focuses on essential coloratura exercises to really solidify the use of the diaphragm and developing strong upper register resonance. I am extremely grateful to her and would recommend that anyone serious about studying and pursuing singing go see her immediately!”

Dakota Lillie
Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Hear Dakota sing his original song “It Wasn’t Me”

Dakota Lillie“Jeanette taught me back when I was in middle school, but the benefits of studying with her remain with me to this day. She encouraged and motivated my pursuits as a singer, and through her classically-oriented approach, she imparted a firm grasp of technique that has been the foundation of my singing career, first in musical theater and now in pop music. She was exceedingly kind and patient with me during my transformative years, nurturing my musical aspirations during an impressionable period of my life with a grace and wholesomeness that has never left me. For these reasons (and so many more), I would highly recommend her for anyone serious about developing and improving their abilities as a vocalist.”

Veronique Filloux
Voice and Opera Student, Northwestern University
Watch Veronique sing “Papageno/Papagena Duet”

v_final_1“Currently in my fourth year of my undergraduate studies in Voice and Opera at Northwestern University, I would not be where I am today without Jeanette’s mentorship.  She is a skilled vocal technician who understands the difference between pushing a student to work diligently and expressively, and pushing a student’s voice beyond its capacity. As such, I have found that the singing that I do with Jeanette is, first and foremost, healthy and free. When I joined her studio back in 2006, I was singing with a style and color that were forced and did not allow my voice to blossom, but she helped me uncover a very different, much more flexible voice, eventually aiding and encouraging me in my switch from musical theatre to classical music. Beyond her strengths as a pedagog and vocal technician, though, are her abilities to see and nurture the potential in her students and to encourage their growth and creativity. Her spirituality, patience, and perspective have been some of the greatest joys about my relationship with her, and I am certainly very lucky to have her in my life!”

Cairo Spencer
Student, San Mateo High School

IMG_0415“I can truly testify to the amount of growth I had during my sessions with Jeanette. Upon entering Jeanette’s studio I was mainly a dancer who preferred singing in the background, not realizing that I had more to offer. After about a year or two with Jeanette, I developed an extensive singing range and valuable knowledge about keeping my voice intact. Without her, I would have never performed as well as I did or surely lost my voice as Seaweed (Hairspray) or George (Drowsy Chaperone) at San Mateo High School. I didn’t believe in my ability to perform vocally, but her endless encouragement and trust was the true X-Factor in my growth. Jeanette’s teachings gave me the utmost confidence in myself as a sure triple-threat and prospering entertainer. And as I continue to perform on stage in college I will always attribute my singing success and onstage poise to her. If you work with Jeanette you’re going to like the way you sound. I guarantee it.”

Ami Pienknagura
Watch the official music video of “Auburn,” an original song by Ami Pienknagura

Ami Pienknagura“While I only took lessons with Jeannette for a brief amount of time, I can confidently say that I learned more in each individual lesson than I did in a month with my other teachers. Jeannette’s extensive knowledge of vocal technique has advanced my singing abilities beyond words. In just a few lessons, she helped me undo many destructive old singing habits and pave the way towards me singing effortlessly with the handle on style and vocal technique that Jeannette possesses. I highly recommend Jeannette to any singer at any level who wishes to improve his or her sound, voice control, and confidence in his or her abilities. I take a lesson with Jeannette whenever I am in the Bay Area and I recommend that you do, too!”

Morgan Mallory Menchaca
Harvard Law School Student; Musical Theater and A Cappella Performer
Watch Morgan sing “If I Aint Got You” by Alicia Keys with the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones

Morgan headshot“Jeanette’s lessons, both vocal and personal, played a big role in my success in high school, helping me gain admission to Harvard University. I studied voice with Jeanette for many years. Jeanette taught me the fundamentals of vocal technique, starting with exercises and classical music, that that we then built upon to develop my mix-belt and allow me to perform in a wide variety of musical theater roles. As a student at San Mateo High School, I starred in many shows, and I performed the roles confidently, without ever damaging my voice. In college, and now in law school, I have continued to sing in a cappella groups. The transition to a cappella and pop singing was smooth, which would not have been possible without the foundation Jeanette gave me through years of teaching me proper vocal technique. If yous start with Jeanette and commit to the basics, you can sing for the rest of your life!”

Nicole Lopez-Hagan
Master’s student in Musical Performance at Notre Dame de Namur University
Watch Nicole sing John Tavener’s “Akhmatova Songs”

Having sung musical theater my entire childhood, I only became interested in classical music after I completed my undergraduate degree. At the time I was afraid it was pure ego to think I was capable of singing that kind of music, but I decided to use my time figuring out what to do next to take some more classes at Skyline College, where I met Jeanette in a group singing class. In that class, Jeanette introduced me to so many of the aspects of singing I take for granted now. Although I had been singing since kindergarten, it was only at that moment that I truly grasped just how much is involved in singing. At the same time, Jeanette’s compassion and patience made sure it was never overwhelming. With her extensive knowledge and her experience, and her insights into the individual voice, she made things I never thought possible seem easy. Not only did her tutelage allow me to gain mastery over my first arias and art songs, but I came to understand the fundamentals of good singing that apply to any style, so that I improved as a musical theater singer as well. She put my musical path in my hands, under my control. With her help I was able to hit the ground running upon entering the master’s program at Notre Dame de Namur University.

Lauren Brollier
Pop and Rock Vocalist and Voice Teacher

Lauren Brollier“Jeanette was my voice coach and mentor for 9 years. Under her tutelage, I received what I believe is the best classical training available in the Bay Area. I am now a pop and rock vocalist and voice teacher, and feel that her training provided me with the greatest foundation to maintain the health of my voice. Jeanette helps students of all levels of experience to find their voice and use it properly, from proper breath support to tone and style. I know it’s because of Jeanette’s expertise and skill that I have such a wide vocal range and capability. Jeanette is a compassionate and accomplished teacher who can help singers of all ages expand their range and take their voices to the next level.”

Dr. Brian Kelly
Associate Pastor, Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco, California

“Jeannette is the finest and most accomplished voice teacher with whom I have had the awesome privilege of studying voice. I began studying with Jeannette after I was invited to be the choir director of the church where I serve as Associate Pastor. I instantly knew that I needed more vocal training for myself and to be able to coach and lead others. After several months of lessons, she told me that I had a huge voice that needed to be developed and began teaching me proper technique along with opera arias in both Italian and German. Her expert knowledge of vocal technique, the primary singing languages, and musical interpretation are outstanding. Her practical teaching and encouragement built my voice and her mentoring built my performance skills. Thanks to her teaching and encouragement, I auditioned for and was accepted into the Master of Music in Classical Voice and Opera program at San Francisco State. I began studying there in the Fall of 2012 and Jeannette has continued to be a help, coach and mentor in my musical studies at school. I can’t sing her praise high enough for all of the wonderful things that she has taught me and continues to teach me at every lesson.”

Chynna Cavales
Music Education Student, San Jose State University

Chynna Cavales“I have been singing all my life, but took a couple years hiatus in college after I became too busy with the workload. When I realized I had forgotten much of my vocal technique, I turned to Jeanette, who was teaching a voice class at Skyline College. In just a few months, Jeanette was able to restore my vocal technique. And after a year of studying with her privately, Jeanette helped my voice go beyond what I thought it was capable of. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to study under Jeanette. Not only is she kind to her students and passionate about voice and teaching, but she also goes beyond what is asked of her to help her students reach their goals. She helped me become more confident in my voice and as a person, restore my love for singing, and prepared me for San Jose State University, where I now major in Music Education. Jeanette is one of the best voice teachers I have ever had the pleasure of studying under and I would recommend her to anyone who is passionate about singing.”

Laura Olivier
Student, University of Pennsylvania

headshot cropped“I have been singing since I was five years old. I studied voice with a few coaches before Jeanette, but by far grew the most with Jeanette’s guidance. She taught me the fundamentals of singing, including breathing and support techniques, which have allowed me to sing a variety of styles of music. I have seen friends take from Jeanette and become much better singers with her coaching. Though I haven’t been formally singing for a while, I am complimented on my continued ability to control my voice without practice. I attribute this to the strong coaching I have received. Jeanette’s coaching has allowed me to keep doing what I love without the fear of damaging my voice. When I do begin to formally sing again, Jeanette will be the person I look to for coaching. She is the best of the best.”

Rose Marie Garcia

Scan 2014-10-9 0002 (1)Singing has always been one of my favorite hobbies, but I had never taken any voice lessons. I had been singing in my church choir, and even though many other choir members said I should become a cantor, I didn’t think I had the ability to do so. I decided to take a voice class offered at a local Jr. College and that’s when I met Jeanette. She was teaching the class and her patient and caring way of teaching immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. Upon hearing my voice, she asked me if I ever considered taking private lessons so I could learn how to use my voice properly. At 53, I felt I was too old but Jeanette told me you are never too old and she was right! Now, four years later, I continue to improve my vocal technique which has strengthened my voice and made me more confident and secure while singing. Since working with Jeanette, I have been given many solo parts in my church choir and at the church I work at. In fact, other members of my choir were so impressed with the changes in my voice that most of the soprano section is also taking lessons from Jeanette. Jeanette’s amazing teaching style has taught me to take my voice to places I never thought would be possible. I have even been able to sing some opera arias! In addition to voice, Jeanette is also teaching me music theory, Native American flute, and piano. It is quite evident that Jeanette loves to teach. Her knowledge of music and expertise as a teacher has helped me fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming more adept in singing and music theory. Being taught by Jeanette has been a life altering experience which I will be forever grateful.

David Behling

“For over 25 years I have been coached vocally by Jeanette. I began my vocal training after years of singing in choirs, but with no personal training. I thought I was good, but, as I learned, brought to my singing an athleticism I used in sports – wrong! I wanted to improve. With many years of work and honing, Jeanette has developed my good voice into something far better and had I the time, I am sure I would be performing in musical theatre, the symphony chorus, and other venues. Bad technique will ruin a voice and I understand a true professional who knows her craft. She too, continues to learn and stay on top of her vocation by attending conferences and classes. I would not entrust my gift to someone who was not a true professional. There are those that can perform, and those that can teach. I would not risk a lifetime of disappointment and unfulfilled dreams, by utilizing someone who is simply without the skill set to make my voice become the very best it can be.”

Carolina Guevara

“The first time I ever sang was as Annie (in Annie the musical) when I was eight years old. I would always belt out Disney songs in the hallway when I was little, but I had never actually performed or had any vocal training at all whatsoever. After being on stage for the first time, I realized that I wanted to perform and continue singing. This is when I went to Jeannette. At my first lesson it was established that I needed to work on my singing technique. I was singing way too heavily, so my voice would crack and get all weak when I would try to sing notes that were too high to belt. I could also feel the strain that singing too heavily put on my vocal chords because it was painful and my throat would get tight. Jeannette taught me how to control my voice and have a smooth blend. She also taught me the importance of good vocal care and posture. I recommend Jeanette to people of all ages, because not only is she a phenomenal teacher for technique but she has a tremendous amount of patience, and she is passionate about what she does. I have been with her for eight years now (I will be turning seventeen in May) and I have noticed how Jeannette has always known what to say and when to say it and how to adjust the intensity of each session as I have gotten older. As a singer, it is important to have a good relationship with your private teacher because it is teamwork. I have chosen all of my songs for various competitions with Jeannette, and I trust her completely to help me with my conservatory auditions. With her I have learned the power of the performing arts and what it takes to be a musician.”

Juan Carlos Corzantes

“I met Jeanette at Skyline College when I decided to sign up for a voice class, and from the moment the first class was over, I knew I had encountered someone who was not only an amazing vocalist, but also a compassionate and wonderful person. With her vast amount of experience and knowledge, as well as her unwavering love for the arts, Jeanette is always willing to help the student reach whatever goal they aspire to reach. Through effective private and group lessons, which focus on technique and performance, I was able to greatly improve and become a more confident, skilled, and powerful singer. I have had the opportunity to sing at weddings, parties, churches, and special events, in front of large and small groups of people, and I don’t think I would have had the ability and confidence to do that if not for the excellent vocal instruction I received from Jeanette. I am proud to call Jeanette my vocal instructor and recommend her to anyone. From the beginning vocalist to the aspiring professional, Jeanette will find what works best for you.”

Esther Rosenfeld

I grew up in a musical family and love singing for fun. I am not a performer and don’t have any aspirations to be a professional singer, but have sung in choirs and a cappella groups over the years and have worked with a number of different teachers. I studied with Jeanette for only a short time due to a move. Nonetheless, I found Jeanette to be absolutely top-notch in terms of her understanding of the voice in general, and mine as she was teaching me in particular; vocal training techniques; and ability to see what I needed to develop my voice. She has great sensitivity to the needs of the individual student and an ability to intuit what is necessary to bring out their best. As both the teacher and as a person, she is warm, wise and wonderful.

Jane Singhal

“I have been taking voice lessons with Jeanette for over 15 years. My first instrument is actually violin, and I have studied and coached with many renowned musicians on the East Coast and in Canada. I can attest to the fact that Jeanette’s musicianship and teaching are as excellent as the most sought-after pedagogues I worked with. Her gift for teaching vocal technique in particular is a marvel: I can go into a lesson with multiple frustrations—things that just aren’t working—and Jeannette will find the one adjustment in posture or lift or imagery that makes everything suddenly fall into place. Because of her insightful guidance, I have been able to take on repertoire I never dreamed I could sing. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have someone of her caliber as my vocal coach. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”